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Stuart Schweigert Vs. Glenn Earl (1 Viewer)

Having a tough time picking between these two guys in a dynasty league. Earl started several games last year and didn't put up very good stats, but he is slated to start at SS for HOU. Stuart had a couple nice games last year and looks to be the FS starter in OAK. Which of these guys would be your pick?

I'd go with Earl.1.) He has less resistence with cracking the starting lineup2.) He plays a more FF-friendly position (SS vs FS)Both Earl and Schweigert fell further than expected in the NFL draft. Earl fell b/c of a knee injury, while Schweigert fell b/c of his tackling ability.

Some of Earl's value as a SS is lost in the 3-4 defense. Schwiegert may make up some of this difference if Oakland spends a good bit of time in a 4-3 this season.Still give the slightest of edges to Earl, but the distinction in the value of a safety in a 3-4 versus 4-3 defense ought to be made, recent anomalies like Harrison and Polamalu nothwithstanding.

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i like earl, too... though schweigert has his advocates & proponents (i think bob henry said he beat charles rogers in prep 100 m sprints... which would have to be pretty freking fast... i thought rogers was fastest prep in state of michigan?)...earl does play more tackle-friendly SS... he is now about two years removed from knee injury & should be regaining burst & quickness... nice combination of size, strength & athleticism... some scouts had him as second best safety in '04 draft after sean taylor (for myself, i would grade second rounders michael boulware & bob sanders as #2 & #3 in that draft... either could emerge as the best as they may be allowed, scheme-wise, to be more active & involved in run support... taylor may be a center-fielder type, though with talent to put up prolific ed reed like INT numbers... but i digress)... & he was eased in slowly... expect him to be in for full-time snaps this season.one thing they like about him is he has speed & athleticism to cover TEs... with accomplished cover guy & former CB, FS marcus coleman opposite him, it could free him up to cheat up to the line & be an in-the-box run stuffer often... with this being a huge transition year for the team at LB, he may get a lot of tackle opps.

I can always count on the guys here providing good info on IDP's that aren't so high profile. Thanks for the insights. I was actually leaning toward Stuart, but you guys changed my mind with some excellent points.

i like earl, too... though schweigert has his advocates & proponents (i think bob henry said he beat charles rogers in prep 100 m sprints... which would have to be pretty freking fast... i thought rogers was fastest prep in state of michigan?)...
Rogers’ old rival now starter for BoilersThe two of them are among the fastest runners in Michigan high school history. Here's a few old nuggets from the Rogers/Schweigert rivalry that dates back to when they were 14 yrs old. Notice Tyrone Wheatley is sprinkled all over the Michigan track records, too. He's arguably the best high school athlete in Michigan history. Check this out..

Michigan HS Track & Field Records - All-Class Top Ten List

Long Jump

24-7 Tyrone Wheatley, Dearborn Heights Robichaud (1991 MHSAA Regional)
100-Meter Dash

10.55 Allen Jefferson, Warren DeLaSalle (1986 MHSAA Finals)

10.56 Kelly Baraka, Portage Northern (2000 MHSAA Finals)

10.59 Tyrone Wheatley, Dearborn Heights Robichaud (1990 Mansfield Relays)

10.59 Charles Rogers, Saginaw (2000 MHSAA Finals)

10.60 Stuart Schweigert, Saginaw Heritage (1999 MHSAA Finals)
Here's the one that was the most memorable..2000 Lower Peninsula MHSAA Track & Field Finals - FINAL RESULTS

100-METER DASH -- 1. Kelly Baraka, Portage Northern, 10.56; 2. Charles Rogers, Saginaw, 10.59; 3. Stuart Schweigert, Saginaw Heritage, 10.72; 4. Lawrence Clossum, New Baltimore Anchor Bay, 10.74; 5. Justin Davis, Flint Northern, 10.92; 6. Kip Paul, East Kentwood, 11.02; 7. Antoine Huskey, Detroit Mackenzie, 11.15; 8. Kyle Brown, West Bloomfield, 11.19.

200-METER DASH -- 1. Charles Rogers, Saginaw, 21.30; 2. Kelly Baraka, Portage Northern, 21.40; 3. Stuart Schweigert, Saginaw Heritage, 21.40; 4. Carl Tabb, Ann Arbor Huron, 21.50; 5. Lawrence Clossum, New Baltimore Anchor Bay, 22.00; 6. Justin Davis, Flint Northern, 22.10; 7. Darius Johnson, Kalamazoo Central, 22.30; 8. Desmond Crenshaw, Detroit U-D Jesuit, 22.40

800-METER RELAY -- 1. Saginaw, 1:28.16 (Lawrence Easter, Roy Manning, Jeremiah McLaurin, Charles Rogers); 2. Saginaw Heritage, 1:28.63; 3. Kalamazoo Central, 1:29.09; 4. Adrian, 1:29.32; 5. Benton Harbor, 1:29.35; 6. Detroit Cass Tech, 1:29.56; 7. Farmington, 1:29.97; 8. Walled Lake Western, 1:29.98.
1999 Boys Class A
100 DASH -- 1. Stuart Schweigert, Saginaw Heritage, 10.60; 2. Charles Rogers, Saginaw, 10.68; 3. Joseph Binion, Detroit King, 10.91; 4. Regis Benton, Grand Blanc, 10.91; 5. Kolin Bernard, Ann Arbor Huron, 10.93; 6. Ken Franklin, Brownstown Woodhaven, 10.97; 7. Lorenzo Parker, Walled Lake Western, 10.97; 8. Carey Warner, Dearborn Edsel Ford, 11.10.

200 DASH -- 1. Kelly Baraka, Portage Northern, 21.66; 2. Charles Rogers, Saginaw, 21.70; 3. Stuart Schweigert, Saginaw Heritage, 21.73; 4. Kolin Bernard, Ann Arbor Huron, 22.28; 5. Lance Gillard, Detroit Cass Tech, 22.43; 6. Seth Leyendecker, Grandville, 22.61; 7. Pat Whalen, Grand Haven, 22.64; 8. Jason Thurman, Southfield Lathrup, 22.72.

400 DASH -- 1. Charles Rogers, Saginaw, 47.82; 2. Ford Carl, Monroe, 47.88; 3. Seth Leyendecker, Grandville, 49.21; 4. Micheal Vick, Battle Creek Central, 49.36; 5. Damien Ramsey, Detroit King, 49.38; 6. Derold Sligh, Saginaw Heritage, 49.53; 7. Lewis Gordon, Lansing Everett, 49.64; 8. Michael Przygocki, Dearborn, 49.77.
lol at the "Michael Vick" double..If anyone remembers Kelly Baraka was the creme de la creme of RB recruits but lost his scholarship to UM after getting busted for pot.


Granted that doesn't make Schweigert a better fantasy player than Glenn Earl, but I know the guys a ballhawk and has always been a playmaker. Al loves speed, so that doesn't hurt him.

2002 Big Ten preview

WR Charles Rogers set a school record last year with 1,470 receiving yards, second in league history to Wisconsin's Lee Evans' 1,545 in 2001.
DB Stuart Schweigert of Purdue was one of 12 semifinalists, and the only sophomore, for the Thorpe Award last season.
Players to watch

Michigan State WR Charles Rogers (1,470 receiving yards, 67 receptions, 14 TDs); QB Jeff Smoker (162.8 passing efficiency, sixth nationally)

Ohio State SS Mike Doss (87 tackles, 10 tackles for loss)

Wisconsin WR Lee Evans (1,545 receiving yards); RB Anthony Davis (conference-leading 1,466 yards as freshman)

Penn State DT Jimmy Kennedy (6-5, 330, 51 tackles); RB Larry Johnson (conference-leading 26.7 KO return average, 337 rushing yards)

Michigan DE Dan Rumishek (6-4, 277, 7 sacks); QB John Navarre (2,435 yards, 19 TDs)

Purdue DB Stuart Schweigert (98 tackles, 6 INTs, tied school career record with 11 INTs)

Illinois DB Eugene Wilson (30 passes broken up, 70 tackles, 6 INTs); WR Brandon Lloyd (1,006 receiving yards); OT Tony Pashos (6-6, 320)

Iowa DB Bob Sanders (122 tackles, 4 INTs); G Eric Steinbach (6-7, 284)

Minnesota RB Marion Barber III (742 rushing yards)
now that's a Motley crue..
good stuff, bob...the name duckett showed up in the 100 m list... isn't tico TJs brother... or is he one of the jacksons... :)todd showed up on the shot put list... forget if the the T in TJ is for todd... that record was set in '99 which is about right on timeline.its true... i never get guys just because they are fast... but all things being equal, if you are having a hard time distinguishing between players, it is nice to know a guy like bryan scott was fastest prep in PA.DE dewayne white had an impressive college resume (though louisville isn't like going to miami or usc) so i already thought of him as a good prospect, but was more impressed when i heard he was all-state in basketball several times in high school.charles grant & sean taylor are tremendous athletes... grant tied GA state single season rushing TD record with about 45... taylor held the FL state record.it is nice when you can find attributes like speed & athleticism to help differentiate them.

Yeh I had a bunch of friends at MSU who hung out with Steve Smith, Mark Montgomery and Tico Duckett back in the day.. Tico, of course, was a tailback at MSU and is TJ's older bro...and I agree on player evals and looking back at their various athletic accomplishments, especially track stuff. Track guys don't always translate into football players, but you can usually get a feel for football players who excel at track vs. track stars who give football a shot. Knowhutimean, Vern?I've taken heat for CRogers before.. but I still believe if he's 100% and can stay that way then he's the Lions best WR and still the most talented overall player even when considering the pedigrees of the Legend hisdamnself.. and BMW. It's a wealth of riches for the Lions. Only Joey could screw that up. Seriously.While I'm beeing geeky on the scouting stuff.. It's also fun to look back and see if players played other sports and if they had any other famous teammates.. ie, Simeon Rice and DMac playing together in HS and dominating on the hoop court, too.Antonio Gates was an animal in HS, but I won't cover that ground again.Marques Anderson, IIRC, was on the state championship 4x100 or 4x400 relay and one of the top track guys in California HS at the time as well.There are so many.. but I put a definite emphasis on this kind of stuff when I scout players. It helps me differentiate in my mind how much natural talent they have and if they appear to be the type who works their tail off and improves as they go through college.. then that's a huge plus in that player's corner.Getting back on topic.. Glenn Earl is/was a fine a player in his own right, but admittedly I've not done as much homework on him yet so I can only tell half the story in this comparison so I'm not really trying to push everyone towards Stuart but I can vouch for his abilities and I do have a lot of faith that he'll be one of the better ballhawks in the league over the next 5-6 years. I think his biggest problem as a rookie was being in position and getting into the flow at the NFL level. One bad move here and it's TD city.. especially if you're liable for the deep coverage on plays. Schweigert will get his legs underneath him and when he develops good confidence and starts playing instinctively instead of thinking and playing.. he'll be a nice player.

Schweigert might get better than average tackle numbers as he tries to cover for the piss-poor play of the guy playing SS with him. :hot:

Some nice information in this thread. I also do not know that much about Earl so it would be silly for me to try to make a comparision between these 2 players. But I wanted to add that everything I have read about SS has talked about not only how athletic he is but how smart he is. Which I think is significant in making plays on the ball by reading the play and anticipating plays before the snap.I carry some pretty talented DBs in my dynasty leagues but I see SS contending for some possible starts for me this year especialy considering the lack of talent on defense around him in oakland. I think he is primed for a good year with the combination of talent/opportunity.

Another thing on Stuart..Adding on to what Biabreakable just brought up and others may have also regarding the perceived poor talent around him on the Raiders defense. He also plays in the AFC West which features the two most prolific pass catching TEs in the league - Gonzo and Gates not to mention an up and comer in Putzier (the Broncos utilize their TEs a lot regardless of who they have) and Plummer's known for throwing the untimely pick.The Raiders should be able to sustain drives better this year, or score faster, but there's still a fairly good chance they won't be winning the time of possession battles with their divisional rivals either. Again, I don't want to pile on the Schwiegert shtick to thick. haha.. because I'd be very interested in learning more about our friend Glen Earl - the former Golden Domer. I know he was considered a nice prospect but fell a bit in the draft because he was hurt. The Texans SS is a good position, generally speaking, to produce some decent fantasy stats and they also face three teams who can generate some offense in their division .. though I think the Jags and Titans could be semi-volatile this year one way or another with their questionable depth in the running game and other questions that abound offensively.I'll summarize my own thoughts and say that while I happen to be more familiar with SS and like him quite a bit (especially in a dynasty format) I also think Glen Earl is a nice, young prospect. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if both were among the top 20 or 25 DBs this year - but I would expect at least top 40 or 50 making them bordlerline starters worst case scenario as bye week fill-ins and playing the super sub role for many fantasy owners.


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