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All 32 defensive schemes and key players within them (1 Viewer)

Dolphins first day of practice: Raekwon McMillon running with the 2nd team. 

Not sure if first team was 100% nickel to be the cause of this outcome -- but Dolphin fans at the practice seem to think the 4-2-5 is the base.

All boats rise in a flood and all defenders benefit in Arizona with more defensive snaps.

Higher Snap Count Expectancy Doesn’t Faze Cardinals Defense

...If training camp is any indication, the offense will play fast in 2019.The criticism of such a style is that it wears down the team’s own defense because it is on the field a lot week after week. Texas Tech, for instance, averaged 78.4 defensive snaps per game during Kingsbury’s coaching tenure, about 12 more than the Cardinals defense played in 2019.

...The Cardinals have known since Kingsbury’s hire that both sides of the ball could see an uptick in snaps in 2019. 
Figure in the 12 more snaps per game or about 1 more tackle per game for the most active Arizona defenders.  Some weeks those numbers will spike.

wasn't sure where to put this...

IDP Early Depth Chart Revelations

Who’s about to devalue your IDP lineup with a change in position? Which big-named rookie still has to earn his starting gig? And which of these listings is total BS?

By the end of this weekend, every NFL team will have opened its preseason. That means we’ll finally see in action many of the players we’ve been wondering about through the offseason and early part of camp. This can prove especially important for IDP leagues. Even with all the year-round NFL coverage at this point, we still get just a fraction of the info on defensive players that’s available for the offense.

What we do finally have is an initial depth chart for (almost) every team. Some of these listings will change a lot by the opener. Some probably represent little actually involvement from the team’s coaching staff. But all at least give us an initial look at the position battles playing out around the league.

Here’s a link to every team’s “unofficial” depth chart, along with some key IDP notes for the 30 teams that have bothered to throw us a bone.


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