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Suggestions / Tweaks for 16 team PPR (1 Viewer)


All the images below are pictures of the scoring and settings





The commissioner is asking me for any suggestions to make the league better this year.

We are also doing a money league. Here is the pending settings:

16 team PPR - $50 entry fee

League Champ: $280

2nd place: $136

3rd place: $48

4 division winners @ $50 each

Most points scored regular season: $52

Weekly high score (Weeks 1-14): $6 each week

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Those settings look pretty weird. Can't imagine myself enjoying a league where team defenses will regularly score as much as the rest of the starting lineup combined.

1. Go back to some kind of normal/standard DST scoring. As it is, the scoring for points allowed and yardage allowed aren't even sound when compared to each other.

2. Get rid of negative kicker points, or at least decrease the penalties.

3. Drop 1 or 2 of those flex slots. Unless all the owners are serious diehards, no one's going to want to be starting guys hoping they can score 4 points.

4. 8 playoff teams is good, but make it weeks 14-16. Week 17 championships aren't so fun.

This league basically just seems set up to maximize the effect of randomness. I wouldn't play in it for money!

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I didn't like the settings either but I won the whole thing last year. :cool:

1. Some people in the league are advocating going to a normal / standard DST scoring. We will most definitely change that.

2. I'm in the minority. I hate negative kicker points. I need a good argument to get this changed.

3. LOL! By mid-season, guys were complaining about the lack of quality player in the waiver wire or starting players like you said who barely scored 4 points.

4. What's wrong with Week 17 championship?

I just don't like week 17 championships because a handful of good players rest. It's kind of an anticlimax; if a guy makes the championship largely on the strength of, say, Steven Jackson and Matt Ryan being the top RB and QB but the Falcons sit them both in week 17, then he's put at a disadvantage for drafting well. It's another random external element that won't affect all managers equally.


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