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Superflex Waiver Question (1 Viewer)


How much if any of my waiver money should I throw at Sam Ehlinger in a Super Flex league where my QBs are currently Josh Allen, Geno Smith, and Matt Ryan? There are no starting QBs on the waiver wire other than Sam. I have all 500 FAAB available and I can drop my extra Def.

It's a 12 team league with 22 Roster Spots and Starts QB/2RB/3WR/TE/2 Flex/1 Superflex/Kicker/Defense. So the waiver wire is pretty much bottom of the barrel other than the occasional surprise.

My team is:

QB Allen/Smith/Ryan
RB Mixon/Dillon/Pollard/Carter/Burkhead/Hilliard/Perine
WR Lamb/Higgins/St Brown/Gallup/M Jones/Anderson/Gage
TE Hockenson/Geisicki
K McPherson
Def Buffalo/Tennessee (just didn't want drop Buffalo's D during the bye this week)
What is the scoring like? By that I mean does QB score so much more they have to be started in the SF spot or will Ehlinger be like Pollard/Gallup like scoring?

Is this dynasty or re-draft? I wouldn't do it in re-draft but likely would for Dynasty.
Matt Ryan, as bad as he's been, has 125.5 points. Third most on my team. Tony Pollard has 71 points.

There are some big names mixed among the QBs like Ekeler, Diggs, Kupp, Hill, but the guys that I would be considering starting at Superflex are pretty far down the line scoring wise.

It's just a one year league. No keepers or anything like that.

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