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Tank for Tank? (ok actually for Achane) (1 Viewer)


- I'm currently down 26 after tonight. (.5 PPR)

- Tomorrow night I have Puka and Eagles DST and my opponent has Rachaad White.

- Currently have a 15% chance to win per ESPN and 16.5% chance to win per FantasyPros. ( I know, I know but still)

- Waivers in my league resets every week per overall standings, with points deciding tie records.

- If I lose, I drop to 1-2 and, as it looks as of now, there will be 2 (maybe 3) teams ahead of me in waivers.

- Not to sound mean but the bottom team managers are not the savviest of fantasy players.

So, laying out all the facts...

- Should I bench Puka and Eagles DST and concede the chance to win in order to have a better chance to acquire guys like Achane, Tank Dell, and/or Laporta?


- Do I leave them in and see if Puka/Eagles do really well and/or White has bad game (which could against Philly) to get the win and go up 2-1 but lose out on those waiver players since I would be at the top of the standings leaving better managers to get those guys?

What would you do?

Wanted to get other thoughts and feelings on this strategy. I appreciate any thoughts.

My roster below if matters.

QB: J Allen
RB: Bijan
RB: Mattison
WR: Diggs
WR: A Cooper
FLEX: Puka

WR: London
WR: Dotson
WR: D. Johnson
WR: J. Addison
RB: B Hall
RB: Charbonnet
RB: Bigsby
RB. Roschon Johnson

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