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Terrell Thomas (1 Viewer)


This veteran really blew up last week. The Giants are on Bye this week, so he'll sit on the WW thru at least Sunday.

My question, going forward, is: Fluke, or Is anyone Buying?

Thomas is their nickel corner. Giants have gone nickel most of the game twice now vs Philly. Last time Will Hill filled in for Thomas and had a big game. This time Mundy was banged up, so Hill was at safety, and Webster was banged up so McBride started at CB. Depending on the matchup, Thomas could have a good game again, but I think Antrel Rolle is the Giant DB you want.

Looking at their schedule, perhaps it's not a fluke:

vs OAK - do they have 3 WRs? - bench

vs GB - do they play anything other than 3 WRs? - start him

vs DAL - Austin back? - start him

at WAS - should be running the ball, but pass constantly when tied or down - tossup

at SD - passing team - start him

vs SEA - Harvin in but Rice out - not enough nickel usually - bench

at DET - constant 3 WR sets even though they keep losing WRs - start him

vs WAS - should be running the ball, but pass constantly when tied or down - tossup

This all precludes Mundy getting healthy and getting his safety job back, and Hill/Thomas not splitting nickel corner snaps going forward. In other words, it's not a given.

yeah, if they stick with this personnel group I'd say he probably does pretty well, but I'd be real nervous he might disappear on any given week just because of overcrowding.

mundy was supposedly hurt, although he played all his special teams snaps, and webster got back in the action.

a couple weeks ago, they sat him out on sunday because there was a thursday game coming up and they wanted to take it easy on his knee.


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