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TEs - Week 10 & RoS (1 Viewer)


E. Engram just popped up on waivers.

I have T. Burton and picked up J.Doyle during his BYE last week.  Also had A. Hooper for a few weeks and dropped him to fill another hole.  Another team picked him up and dumped him back to waivers, so he’s available as well.

1.0 PPR; rest of my team doesn’t really matter, just interested in holding onto two (maybe three) TEs that have the best outlook for week 10 and beyond.

I prefer targets to TD dependency, so I’m ranking them as follows:





I looked at strength of schedules for each and Engram’s results did not follow the trend, he blew up against WSH, for example.  The other TEs seem to have (more or less) followed the SoS trend.

Would you put in a WW claim for Engram or is he fool’s gold?

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There is absolutely no need for you to roster more than two TE's and there probably really isn't a reason to roster 2 if you wanted to pick up a flyer RB or WR.  I would keep Doyle and Burton and not worry about it. 


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