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The 2022 High End WR Reset (1 Viewer)


At the risk of sounding hyberbolic, the texture of the WR 1 conversation has changed more in the past few weeks than any other time I can remember. The league is moving towards a stars and scrubs auction strategy.  Teams on the precipice of contending are following the Rams model and trading significant draft capital for elite WRs, and then rewarding these players with earth shattering contracts. As fantasy players, we need to understand the context in which these moves are made in order to capitalize during draft/auction season. I actually think this movement is making high end QB and WR more valuable, as clear cut, high end round #1 WR assets seem less clear than ever. The Hill and Adams trades illustrate this fact. Both move from no brainer WR1s to back end WR1s/High End WR 2s. I'll have no problem going RB/QB/RB early this year. Josh Allen, based on historical VBD is truly worth a first round pick, but you can get him in the second, which I will do whenever possible. My early assessment is to utilize the QB sandwich approach- go RB in rounds 1 and 3, and sandwich Allen in between.

Up until a week ago, Adams and Hill were easy first rounders. After today, I'm far less bullish.

My top WR:

1. Chase

2. Jefferson

3. Cupp

4. Diggs

5. Brown

6. Lamb

7. Evans

8. Hopkins

9. Samuel

10. K. Allen

11. Adams

12. Hill

I'd be willing to bypass all of the above and go with A. Cooper, Metcalf, Higgins, E. Moore, McLaurin, and even Michael Thomas in round #4. I think the shift in the high end WR 1 conversation should have us reconsider the early round roster construction strategies we use.

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