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The All-"They're due" Team for week 3 (1 Viewer)


Due to the fact that I have several of the following players on one 0-2 dynasty team, I decided to see if I couldn't put together an entire squad of players who have not met expectations, but managers are still rolling out there expecting it to turn around (or in my case hoping they do as I have no other options). Here's what I came up with:

QB1 - Carson Palmer - I mistakenly left him off my original post, but as the first response pointed out, he belongs firmly on this list. Dude was touted as a top talent and is supposed to have two great WR's. Zero TD's & 3 picks later, owners are scrambling for trades and breaking their mouses trying to pick up O'Sullivan. Something is very wrong in Cincy and I don't see them turning it around.

QB2 - David Garrard - not the only Jaguar to make the list, but he has certainly not held up his end of the bargain as an efficient QB. Many drafted him as a top backup or low end starter. He's not living up to either. Was it just the tough D's and disarray of the O-line, or is this his fate for the season? I'm waiting and seeing, but it doesn't look good.

QB3 - Jake Delhomme - oh the team is doing well, but Jake isn't exploding like many thought and was aweful in week 2....of course a lack of Steve Smith could have something to do with that. I think he turns it around, but isn't going to be quite the steal many thought. Good backup (but I'd start him over Garrard right now).

RB1 - Joseph Addai - 80 total yards in 2 games? At least he got a TD. People have questioned his toughness, but he is still the unquestioned #1 RB on a Peyton Manning led offense. He'll get his and getting Jeff Saturday back will help. The Jags won't be an easy task this week, though. You might have to be a bit more patient, but I wouldn't worry too much.

RB2a - Larry Johnson - OK, so it would have been tough to get him to go with Addai in a real team, but I have to mention this guy. How can a guy of this caliber be reduced to such crappy output? In a word, Herm. He's not going anywhere and they don't have a QB. It'll be a long year for LJ and I'm sorry if you spent a 1st rounder on this guy....(hope you landed Willie Parker to compensate)

RB2b - Maurice Jones-Drew - So they faced two tough defenses and the O-line is in shambles. Surely an easier opponent will allow this superstar to shine, right? Many people are becoming really gun shy on him and he's being bumped to RB3/4 status on many teams right now. I think his talent and some weaker opponents as well as a couple of weeks for the O-line to get better means he'll become more of the solid RB2 many had hoped for. His coach is right, though...he NEEDS more touches.

RB Honorable mentions to SJax (no schedule break until week 9), LT (injury), Fred Taylor & Jamal Lewis.

WR1 - Braylon Edwards - 5 drops in 2 games....5 catches in two games....zero TD's? This guy was a machine last year. Two back to back aweful weeks are making owners scared for a guy they spent a 2nd or 3rd round pick on. He is my prime candidate to turn it around, though. Too many things were working against him that will surely turn around as early as this week. I'm still starting him with confidence. Kool-aid---> :(

WR2 - Jerricho Cotchery - 4 catches in 2 games. Sure, one was a long TD, but 32 catches wasn't exactly what many had envisioned for the season when Brett Favre became the Jets QB. He has to start getting more targets and catches eventually. That tandem looks talented on paper, but it sure isn't looking all that good right now. I'm cautiously optimistic about him still, but one more bad week could mean its time to make a move.

WR3 - Roddy White - 2/54 & 4/59 aren't what people had in mind when they selected White. Sure he has a rookie QB at the helm and a new coach, but he was supposed to be the go-to guy in this passing game. 3 catches/game isn't promising and I'm a bit worried we won't see much better this season....at least not on a regular basis.

WR Honorable mentions to Ocho Cinco, TJ Housh & Ted Ginn.

TE1 - Dallas Clark - tough category as the big 4 are producing and there was a lot of debate about how the rest stacked up. Clark has been injured, so it is tough to put him on here, but it is seeming to linger and the Colts haven't been all that electric to begin with. I'm still waiting and seeing, but I'd start someone else this week if you have a decent option.

TE2 - Alge Crumpler - so he was supposed to be the new top receiving weapon in Tennessee, right? Wrong. 1.5/10 per game average is not what many took a late round flyer on this guy for. At least there are some pleasant TE surprises to replace him with that were/are available.

TE Honorable mentions to the Millers (Zack & Heath) & Shockey.

OK....I'm not going to do kickers and defenses....but I'd be interested to hear your takes on these guys and anyone else you think applies to this group.

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Ginn is due to explode for 15 or 20 yards this week...
;) I bit hard on this guy in a return yardage league (1/10). I was counting on him as my WR2 to go with Edwards. Add in Cotchery, MJD & Dallas Clark and that's the team that started this list. I also have Delhomme as my backup. :shrug: My team is either due to explode or I'm destined for a top pick next year.
Steven Jackson only being an honorable mention is a travesty.
I originally wrote him up as the RB1, but felt like Addai was more applicable to the topic. He is definitely a strong candidate.Less than 100 total yards per game and no TD's sucks. He has one of the most night and day schedules, though. Weeks 1-8 are brutal run defenses. Weeks 9-16 have a lot of soft D's. SJax will be a great buy low for a playoff push around the bye weeks.That offense is St. Louis is just atrocious.
Due to the fact that I have several of the following players on one 0-2 dynasty team, I decided to see if I couldn't put together an entire squad of players who have not met expectations, but managers are still rolling out there expecting it to turn around (or in my case hoping they do as I have no other options). Here's what I came up with:

QB1 - Carson Palmer - Disagree ... The team is in shambles and they are playing the Giants. If he makes it through the game alive it will be an accomplishment. Don't expect him to be a QB #1 this year.

QB2 - David Garrard - Disagree ..The Line Sux and he was very lucky last year ... don't expect much from him ever.

QB3 - Jake Delhomme - Agree with this ...Lots of Weapons he should be doing better.

Derek Anderson should be better and if Braylon improves he will to.

RB1 - Joseph Addai - Agree

RB2a - Larry Johnson - Agree ... It's now or never

RB2b - Maurice Jones-Drew - It's always been hit or miss with MJD and now the Oline is a mess. He may have a good week but it will be followed by more bad weeks.

Earnets Graham could bust out - He has looked good but hasn't had enough touches. Give him 25 touches and he should be good for 150 total yards and 2 tds

RB Honorable mentions to SJax - Agree ...He is due to break out

WR1 - Braylon Edwards - Agreed ... Take away a few drops and he isn't as bad.

WR2 - Jerricho Cotchery - 4 catches in 2 games. - He's only an OK WR ... what do you expect from him?

WR3 - Roddy White - What exactly were people expecting when they drafted an Atlanta WR?

WR Honorable mentions to Ocho Cinco ... He is hurt bad and on a real bad team.

Randy Moss vs. the Dolphins ... I'll take him to bust out. 2tds

TE1 - Dallas Clark -

TE2 - Alge Crumpler -

Heap is due for a big game. He is healthy and had a TD dropped in the first game.

Shockey (His injury last year was worse than people think ... he'll never be the same)

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