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Does Keenan Allen's game project well to the Chargers offense? Was his draft day slide a statement about the player or the risk associated with his knee and the alleged drug testing report? He seemed to go from a Top 3 rookie pick at one point to a potential 2nd round selection. Value or Risk pick?

Heard some talk on how senior bowl attendance (and performance there) has boosted a number of draft stocks last few years. Do you see attendance at Senior Bowl, possibly other all-star weeks increasing, particularly amongst higher-ranked prospects?

If Matt Flynn is somehow not terrible in Oakland, who the hell gets the production at the other end? Especially if/when Run DMC gets his traditional injury some time in September? Looking mainly for someone who can maybe give me keeper value into 2014, DMoore did just about OK last year for a 10th rounder

Out of all the young WRs with upside (D alexander, D moore, J Gordon, M floyd , etc ) who do you think has the best chance for a top ten fantasy year in a PPR league and how about for non PPR? Thanks Cecil, long time fan of yours!

What are the odds of Giovani Bernard stealing the starting role from BJGE before the season starts?

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Hi Guys

Lets talk about LeVeon Bell. This is what I think I understand. He has almost no competition for the job. Dwyer and Redman are both players that his talent and high draft spot seem to elevate him over right off the bat. Good feet. Accerleration. makes people miss. He is great at picking up the blitz and can catch the ball well out of the backfield. He has everything a back needs to be a three down back and just punish defenses for 4 or 5 years. All he lacks is burst and he dances a litytle too much.

Teaching him to be decisive would cure the dancing. he is a smart kid who can learn. But the BURST...can he be taught or trained or coached to gain this?

It really is all his game lacks. This something an athlete is only born with or can he work like hell and get it?

Thanks Statgrubby (Jon)

What teams you think will make it to the NBA conference finals?

What team had the worse draft this year?

Startup dynasty league question. I have faith that Marcus Lattimore will be healthy by year 2, how soon do I have to draft him to make sure I get him?


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