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The edge I can get from Chat GPT? (1 Viewer)


I have followed trends in fantasy analysis for a while to get my edge on leaguemates, I used Sleeper app when it launched to get news quicker, Rate My Teams tools during my mocks to see what build strategy was best, fantasy pro's playbook, excel etc.

I haven't really heard of anyone using ChatGPT for fantasy. Chat GPT strength is language processing so it can't always give you logical answers to questions like 'who do I pick this round?', but I thought of another use case. Summarizing Long Chat Threads.

I entered a Reddit Thread training_camp_rumblings_so_far into Chat GPT and it gave me the following summary.

"It seems like you're referring to a discussion thread about NFL training camps and players' performances during those camps. Some of the players mentioned as having potential special connections or strong performances in training camp include:

  1. Darren Waller
  2. Zay Flowers
  3. DJ Moore
  4. Tyler Conklin
  5. Bryce Young
  6. Justyn Ross
  7. Skyy Moore
  8. Courtland Sutton
Keep in mind that training camp rumors and reports can be speculative and might not always accurately predict player performance during the regular season. It's always a good idea to keep an eye on these players throughout the preseason and consider multiple sources of information before making any decisions for your fantasy football team."

I then looked at the players it mentioned in the above list to see if it was contextually correct. For the most part it was right. I did need to edit out names like Courtland Sutton and Russel Wilson since someone was citing them as a hype in 2022 that did not pan out.

I have not seen this used. I'm using it as a data point. But just getting a list of names to follow up on and sift thru is feeling helpful atm.
It helped me spotlight Tyler Conklin who I previously didn't have on my radar, but they said he is building chemistry with AROD similar to Tonyan in camp.
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No access to real time data is a problem for Chat GPT in this arena, but having it mine reddit threads is a great work around. Well done!

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