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The most consistent tackler (LB)... (1 Viewer)


Alright I play in standard league with just one LB spot added to regular non big play scoring. 1 point for solo and .5 for half.

That said, who are the top 5 guys who are going to just rack up the tackles week after week. The only guys that are really on rosters are (Ryans, Willis, Urlacher, Fletcher, Beason)

Who are your top 5?

Outside of the group you mentioned, I think the following have 100 solo tackle potential.

Barrett Ruud

Jonathan Vilma

Channing Crowder

There are a host of others with similar potential, but who may not be quite as consistent.

Other than Urlacher above, the other four fill out the rest of the top tier.

London Fletcher has the best track record...and it's not even close. He's been top ten in tackles this entire decade, except for being #15 one year, and most of that time he's been top five. And he's never missed a game. At 33 he should be declining soon, but it's not this year. He's #9 so far.


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