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The OL Rankings and what that could mean for the skill position players on those teams (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain


The Top 5 to 10 OL rankings,,,The Browns might have the best OL but they are going to be lacking at QB, Jimmy G is a great option for 1 year and I think they should act quickly. Philly has an easier schedule, great skill players and weapons with a suspect but decent QB and now you tell me they could have the 2nd strongest OL in football, sure seems like you want to secure at least a piece of this pie, should be plenty to go around.

KC might have rebuilt the OL but I think #3 is way high vs the production of late. Mahomes has had pressure and the RBs don't seem to find a lot of rhythm, much could be made of their OL.
The Detroit Lions have a strong OL and I think that is going to be what propels them and pushes them into a more competitive team week in and week out. Here is another one that could Wouldn't mind seeing Campbell ask for a Hunt trade here and push Swift into a STud or get him out of the way and let someone else be the RB1 in Detroit.

Tampa Bay seems a little high at #5 with injuries and retirements. They did bring over Shaq Mason and drafted Goedeke in the 2nd but I don't know hoe great he has performed in camp. They still down a Center right now.

Ravens, Chargers, Bills, Niners, Colts...those all feel like solid choices in the back half of the Top 10. Dobbins/Lamar Jackson, Ekeler/Herbert, Dev/Josh, Mitchell/Lance, Taylor/Ryan...my guess is most of these players perform as expected and some might exceed their current draft spots.

One other OL I think will be ranked much higher next season is the Miami Dolphins. They have added Armstead and Williams, switched Eich to LG, Hunt/Jackson make up the right side of the OL which is Tua's blind side and I believe both are entering Year 3. I understand the lower ranking because of how awful they have been but 24th for 2022, if that's true then Miami will go 7-10 and Tua will be run out of Miami. Nobody seems to think that is happening.

Anybody have an opinion on their hometown OLine?
The Lions line has been great in camp and in their only action in preseason they opened huge holes for the RBs and did a solid job in pass protection. They are expected to play Sunday.

The backups were equally impressive in the second game.

This line is very talented and has the potential to be the best line in the league. Taylor Decker is a very good left tackle and Penei Sewell is as talented and athletic as any lineman in the league. Frank Ragnow is one of the best centers in the league. Jonah Jackson was a pro bowler last year and Hal Vaitai was solid at the other guard spot.

As a Lions fan I am really excited about this line. :thumbup:
Steeler line is about where it's supposed to be ranked. Najee will struggle to avg 4 yards per carry again, and teams will be focusing on him much more this year. Volume will be his only saving grace.
Eagles have strong starters and a fair amount of depth if they should sustain an injury or two.

Was this ranking prior to the Tyron Smith injury for Dallas?
Week 1 OL injuries:
  • Baltimore lost LT Ju'Wuan James for the season (achilles) - he was filling in for Ronnie Stanley who is out with a lingering ankle injury; he did practice last week, not sure the time table. Pat Mekari played well in relief.
  • Dallas G Connor McGovern (anke) left in the 2nd quarter
  • Detroit lost it's starting RG for a month and the backup Logan Stenberg struggled. On the positive side, Pro Bowl C Frank Ragnow (groin) played the whole game & looked himself.
  • Green Bay G John Runyan Jr suffered a concussion
  • Miami RT Austin Jackson turned an ankle. LH QB so that's big.
  • Pittsburg C Nathan Cole (ankle)
Anybody else?

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