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The Toughest Pass Defenses from last year, which ones will be difficult to face again? (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Buffalo Bills: They have been good for a couple years now and difficult to throw against.

2020: 6.1 yds per attempt which isn't bad, that dropped all the way to a league leading 4.8 in 2021 and it wasn't close.

Dane Jackson was a 7th Rd pick in 2020 and set to start at LCB, stats show 6 games he started last year but played in all 17. Maybe he was the Nickleback some of the time?
Kaiir Elam is a '22-1st Rd draft pick and will start at RCB, obviously there is a slight change in starting personnel is where I'm going.
Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer return at the Safety spots.

I don't know that they can produce another 12 TD to 19 Int ratio from a year ago but they are going to be difficult to throw on because usually you are in a shootout or have to score 30 points to even have a chance to defeat Josh Allen.

Early game @Rams but then get TN(THill) @Mia(Tua), @Balt(Jackson), PITT(Tru/Pick), they should do well again.

I look for the Defenses or the Secondary Units that don't just appear once and crack the top 10 but repeat it a couple of times.

-Rams, Saints, Patriots, Dolphins, Buccaneers and 2 other teams that I think are worth mentioning.

Dallas Cowboys do not get enough credit for their Secondary play and it's not easy to throw on them. Their Defense might be their saving grace in 2022.
Carolina Panthers surprisingly have a pretty good Defense and their Secondary scores high on some of the metrics I looked at.

I can see where an NFL Team looks like their pass defense is doing well but in reality they are giving up so much on the ground or rush defense that you can't really say they are locking it down vs the pass. Teams are just finding it easier to hand off against them vs risking putting it in the air a lot.

What teams are we overlooking as possible bad defenses or which ones are getting far too much credit and skewing the SOS you see on so many websites?
Eagles have upgraded at CB and Safety this off-season. Whether that translates on the field remains to be seen but Bradberry is better than Nelson and CGJ is better than Epps/Harris. LB corps should be much better too.

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