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Beau Tocks

Why no fantasy football commercials on NFL network this year. Those were great spots. Is the czar Goddell sending out a suttle message?

Why haven't the Raider execs. started doctoring the ensure shakes of one Al Davis to hopefully expedite his early demise?

Does John Clayton still live with is mother?

Is it me or Does Brian Balldinger's bent pinkie just take something away from his playbook breakdowns? It's like looking into the sun,your just want to avert your eyes.

Did ESPN's brass shackle his ankles to cement blocks and toss Sean Salisbury into the river over this past year? Not to say it was a bad thing but just curious.

Wingo & Schlereth's weekly spot on Colin Cowherd's Thursday progam is the best 10 minutes on radio.

What's with the repeat wearing of the throwback uniforms this season? Those Jet and Steelers unies have got to go. I mean do it once and be done with it already, sheesh.

That geico gecko should tell the caveman to stop bailing and all those hot chicks and get the frig over it dude.

One last thing, the ref's under the hood should be finally done away with. Please Mr. NFL take a lesson from college football and just hire a full time guy up in a booth with multiple screens and make the darn call. We all do it from our living rooms every weekend without the 15 minute breaks.

Big Ben will be the best qb of his class but he is also the most overrated qb in the NFL right now. Talk of him being an MVP candidate before the last game was ridiculous.

Hopefully the Czar will be as good at stopping a strike as he is fun.

Tory Holt will be a steal in next years drafts.

Portis will bust next year but I have enjoyed this season and last.

Ryan Grant will be a top 10 pick again next year after he explodes to finish this season.

Long snappers are extremely important, they deserve a pay bump.

Mike Singletary will/is a terrible head coach


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