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this years dynasty RB's vs. last year's (1 Viewer)

Adrian Peterson

Last year there was lots of hype around Caddy, Ronnie Brown and JJ Arrington - this year it appears the hype will be Reggie Bush, Lendale White, DeAngelo and Maroney.

Anyone who has seen these backs - any chance or insight into which one could be the next JJ Arrington?

Whichever one is drafted last of the group, in the 2nd round?

Personally, I like Bush and DeAngelo the most. I'm so-so on White. Not too well informed on Maroney.

I don't see any of them as another Arrington. Arrington had only two years of D-I football and only one year as a starter, while playing in one of the best offensive systems in all of college football, so it was hard to really judge him.

All of the projected first round RB's have the experience to make the jump.

The one who worries me a bit is Brian Calhoun. He really didn't impress me all that much when he was at Colorado. Turned it up a notch at Wisconsin, which has a history of producing NFL mediocrity. I don't hold that against him (see Penn State's lackluster history of KiJana Carter and Curtis Enis, only to produce Larry Johnson), but he has the taint of someone who may not be as good as his college success indicates.


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