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Thoughts on the RB 2-2-1 Strategy? (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to get your thoughts on the 2-2-1 RB strategy. It was recently an article by Ari https://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=2018-running-back-strategy-221. I did this last year and felt snake-bitten by it, but I also went high-end with the handcuffs and had bad luck.

The following were the RB's that I can remember:

1) Devonta Freeman (Round 1, 8th Pick)

2) DeMarco Murray (Round 2, 5th Pick)

3) Derrick Henry (Round 6, 5th Pick)

4) Tevin Coleman (Round 7th, 8th Pick)

I cannot honestly remember who my last RB was, but Cohen was my RB 3 at the start of the season. It's a 3WR, 2RB, 1TE league, if that changes strategy at all. Obviously, Exotic Smashmouth and Sarkin made this strategy horrible, where it could have been a solid RB core. I feel that if your going to do this, make sure you feel the O-line and RB have had a few years of gelling (i.e. Dallas, Atlanta, NO, Pittsburgh all come to mind). Also, I would be wary of high-priced handcuffs as it really limited my WR depth, so I might avoid Coleman. 

Thoughts on this strategy? 



The strategy can work with the right pairs, especially in best ball. It is harder for it to work when you pick high round pairs like Freeman/Coleman, Howard/Cohen or Henry/Lewis instead of pairs like Zeke/Smith, Johnson/Edmonds, Bell/? McKinnon/Breida, or Fournette/Yeldon because instead of using those higher round picks on the RB2 component you can use those picks on other positions to build a stronger team with better WR's, TE's, and QB's.


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