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Titans Bills game (1 Viewer)

First two snaps, Smith went out for a pass and Conklin didn't do well. Next two, he held his own- completion to Sharpe and then to Taylor.

Needed to see Conk get rolling and not rely on Smith's help. Despite a brief drive, that could be just fine if he's comfy

Bills getting 5 yards each play. It's unexciting but effective.

McCoy should be able to run left since Titans allow 6.8 ypc there. He's run mostly right thus far and good luck doing that against Casey

3rd and 2, Rosen rolls out and hits Zay one yard forward, but he gets one more. What a weird call when the run is working? Could have been an INT for a TD if the Titans were on that.

More tiny passes following

How do teams not know it's a quick pass to lewis when he lines up in the slot? Oh I'm so glad he's a Titan and we can use that

Bills got away with a (NFL treats QBs like wimps) late tackle there. Can't tackle MM8 after he throws. They should be able to but...

Henry had a good carry. That pass to Tajae. 

The rest were cute play calls. LaFleur's gotta call the regular stuff and then cute once in a while, not the other way around

Man I like that call. I have long thought QBs do too much presnap. Nice to see that called

Man I like that call. I have long thought QBs do too much presnap. Nice to see that called
That was a ridiculous call. No big head bob or anything. Not that it mattered since McDermott is anti-analytics and clearly had no intention of running a play anyway. A false start actually benefited them.

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3 WRs acting like they're H-backs and...Bills had enough of that stuff. Got Lewis right away

McCoy looks good today. Not necessarily all the runs, but he looks healthy and spry with all those hops to the side he's doing

Looked to me like the coaches called that one on 4th and 1.

I make a point of it because the Bills timeout management has been god-awful since McDermott became coach.
Oh IDK that. It was probably because of Casey. At the half they'll just tell em to run opposite him

That almost looked like it was a designed fake.  The holder didn't even really try to get the ball down.

Of course if it was designed, it was horribly executed.

I don't even know what happened there.  It wasn't a terrible snap.  Bojorquez caught it, and then he stood up?  It looks like Bojorquez thought it was a fake and Hausckha thought it was a FG.


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