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Sirmon asks Titans for his release

By Terry McCormick, tmccormick@nashvillecitypaper.com

March 15, 2006

Linebacker Peter Sirmon has requested his release from the Titans after not receiving a clear answer from the staff regarding his future with the team. File photo.

Linebacker Peter Sirmon has asked the Tennessee Titans to release him from his contract, having his agent fax that request to General Manager Floyd Reese’s office Tuesday, The City Paper has learned.

Sirmon has one year remaining on his contract with a cap hit of $4.6 million, including a base of $2.4 million, the amount that would be saved if the Titans grant his request.

“I have enjoyed my time here in Tennessee, but with the uncertainty surrounding my situation with the Titans, I think it’s best to turn the page and move on with my career,” Sirmon said from Hawaii, where he is attending NFL Players Association meetings.

On Monday, the Titans acquired linebacker David Thornton of the Indianapolis Colts as an unrestricted free agent, signing him to a five-year, $22.5 million contract.

Thornton, who played mostly outside linebacker for the Colts, would likely be ticketed to start at Sirmon’s strongside linebacker spot. Sirmon said he has not received a clear answer from the Titans as to where or if he fits into their plans.

When asked how the signing of Thornton might affect Sirmon’s situation, Reese said Monday and again Tuesday that for now the Titans were OK with the roster the way it is. Reese also indicated he was open to having all the linebackers come to training camp and compete for their positions.

That group might be cluttered even more, as the Titans had free agent linebackers Kevin Bentley of Seattle and Nick Griesen of the New York Giants in for visits Tuesday.

There was the speculation that Sirmon could move to middle linebacker, since he is the player who calls the signals on the defense. However, in recent seasons, that player has seen less time on the field, as teams have used three wide receiver sets against the Titans, forcing them into a nickel package.

“I have no problem at all competing for a position, if it’s a true competition. I have complete confidence in my abilities to do so, but I also know how the business works sometimes if you’re the odd man out or you’re a player who is only on the field for 30 or 40 percent of the snaps,” Sirmon said.

By asking for his release now, Sirmon would be able to broker a better deal for himself elsewhere while free agency is still in the early stages. In general, the later a player is let go, the less money and less opportunity he can expect on the open market.

Since Sirmon is in the final year of his contract, he should have some trade value for the Titans, because there is no acceleration left on his 2006 salary cap figure. There existed the possibility the Titans might grant permission for Sirmon and agent Frank Bauer to find a potential trade partner rather than release him.

Gunther Cunningham, under whom Sirmon blossomed in the coach’s three seasons in Tennessee, is now the Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator. The Chiefs recently lost linebacker Scott Fujita in free agency.

Sirmon was originally a fourth-round pick of the Titans in 2000. He moved into the starting lineup in 2002 and enjoyed solid seasons in 2002 and 2003, even earning a new contract at the end of 2002 campaign when the St. Louis Rams showed interest in him as a restricted free agent.

Sirmon tore the ACL in his left knee in training camp in 2004 and missed the entire season. He returned last season, but the knee was not 100 percent and was bothered by other injuries as well.

he redid his contract around the time McNair did. I doubt those #s are correct
I don't think he restructured. They just declined his option that would have added 3 more years to his contract
I like Sirmon as a person, and he is a smart player, but I really don't think he has the physical skills to be as dominant as we need from our lb's. We'll try and trade him, but regardless, having a younger, faster, stronger LB in the middle will work out in our favor.


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