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Title game pick 2! (1 Viewer)

Here is how I see it:
  • LaPorta: dealing with an ankle injury and the Lions don't have a lot to play for. Sure they can get the two seed if Dallas were to lose but Dallas ain't losing to Washington. I have a fear that LaPorta doesn't get a full compliment of snaps. Plus the last time they played the Vikes he had 3 catches for 18yds. Not a great situation
  • Ayiuk: SF has nothing to play for so I think guys get rest. I wouldn't trust his play time and would likely not start him. I am in the same boat in my league and I am going to start Pickens over him because Steelers gotta win.
  • Charbonnet: Seattle has to win. Walker is dinged. I would be watching the injury reports to see what is going on with Walker. If he is out or there is a feel that he will be limited in touches I think you gotta go with Charbs.
  • JSN: Easy starter of this group. He has done ok and Seattle has to win.

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