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To Deal or Not to Deal (1 Viewer)


Well i am at a crossroads on what to do with my team(last yr was our 1st yr)

I have been shopping of sorts the following players(not all in the same deal)

Brees/Jamal/Rod Smith/Crowder/Gold

One of the offers is that I give up:

Jamal/RodSmith/Crowder and a 2nd round rook pick in 07 for Holt/John Henderson and Mewelde Moore

another is

Brees for Perry and something or Brees and Jamal for Perry and something

Jamal and RodSmith for Chad Johnson is in preliminary talks and that isnt how the deal would be done but they are the major parts of it....

I was close to a deal that would have sent:

Brees/Jamal/Crowder for Leftwich and Fitzgerald and a rook pick but when Jamal re-signed in balt the other owner didnt like it...

So what would you do if you were me? Deal or Stand Pat? and why?

FWIW: I know I am thin at WR after my top 3, I know I am thin at DL after this yr, I know I am thin at DB(this is the least of my worries)

16 team IDP(salary cap/contract league)

Start 1qb 1-3rb 2-4wr 1te 1k 2-3dl 3lb 2-3db

passing td's are 4pts all others are 6


.1/yrd rush recv -2 fumbles lost

.05/yrd passing -1 for Int Thrown


Forced and Recovered Fumbles 3pts

INTs 4pts

Passes Defended 1.5pts

My Team(15-1 last yr and lost 1st playoff game after the bye :bash: )

I will have some salary issues next yr and this yr is gonna be close to the cap

I will put contract yrs in () if you need to know salary i will add it later

QB Hasslebeck(3), Brees(2), Wallace(RFA)

RB Rudi(4), Jordan(3), Jamal(3), ChesterTaylor(1), MoMorris(2)

WR SSmith(4), RWilliams(5), RSmith(1), Vines,RGardner,Boerigter(all RFAs)

TE LJSmith(2), DClark,Becht(RFAs)

K KBrown(1)

DL Strahan(1), Berry(2), Bernard,Sapp,Redding,Walker(RFAs)

LB Vilma(5), Pierce(4), Gold(2), Crowder(3), EJHenderson(3),Bruschi(1), Vrabel(RFA)

DB RoyWIlliams(5), Dawkins(1), Parish(1), Mathis,Bly,RClark,Woolfolk,Carpenter(RFAs)

Rookie Squad

Frye, LMcCown

Musa Smith(have to activate this yr) Fargas

RWoods, Lyman

Kaeding, Gould

LHill, MBrown

CHarris, Considine

I do, however, think you're selling Jam Lewis on the low. The Ravens added a Lewis-like RB in Mike Anderson and parted ways with a compliment RB in Chester Taylor.

Rod Smith. Yeah...deal the old guy before he declines. It's only a matter of time.

Drew Brees. The fact that his contract is essentially a one-year deal, I feel confident Brees is comfortable with his shoulder. He'll also have Horn, Stallworth and a stable of #3 WR's to work with.

Jamal and RodSmith for Chad Johnson is in preliminary talks and that isnt how the deal would be done but they are the major parts of it....
I'd be all over this!
i know but that is not even the half of it just a big part as the CJ owner is a very good and knowledgable guyany opinions on who you would try and package and move to improve etc

I feel i am very deep at LB and that is why i was shopping crowder in a couple of trolling expeditions

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well i did a deal:

I sent Jamal Lewis(3:$1713) and Crowder(3:$650)


Chad Johnson(4:$1797) & Julius Peppers(4:$1408)

I like the deal but i dont like that I added $842 to my cap

well if/when i deal brees that will help

In a Salary Saving move i dealt Drew Brees 2yrs $1219 for

Chris Perry 3yrs $569 (handcuff for Rudi)

David Greene DTS $20 (handcuff for Hasslebeck...have Seneca as an RFA too)

Trent Dilfers RFA rights (plan on activating Frye as my back up QB)

so basically this deal saved me $630 in salary and landed me an insurance policy at 2 positions

well I did one more deal and it will most likely be the last major deal i look to do:

(curious to what the peanut gallery has to say)

I gave up Gold, Brushci and my 2007 1st round pick for

Donnie Edwards and his 2007 7th round pick

this deal did add $300+ to my salary cap

well that makes my def starters look like

Strahan Peppers(Berry as depth)

Vilma, Edwards, Pierce (EJ Henderson and Leroy Hill as depth)

Roy Williams, BDawkins and Parish(RMathis is an RFA i will have to try to retain)

Offensive starters


Rudi,Jordan(chester as depth can start 3 if i need to)

SSmith, Chad Johnson, Roy Williams (Rod Smith as depth)

LJ Smith


hopefully this yr my team wont lay an egg in the playoffs...15-1 in the reg. season with no championship leaves a bitter taste

Key aquistions this offseason: CJ, Edwards and Peppers

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I will destroy you with my obnoxiously large salary cap space and lack of players ...

your 75 DBs scare the #### out of me :football: speaking of which jump on aim and lets see if i can deal for about 3 of them

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just for kicks this is what I have dealt since trading opened back up after the SB and what i have gotten in return:

I gave up:


Jamal Lewis

Ian Gold

Channing Crowder

Tedy Bruschi

David Akers(RFA)

1st rounder in 2007

4th rounder in 2007

What I got

Chad Johnson

Donnie Edwards

Julius Peppers

Tony Parish

Chris Perry*

Trent Dilfer (RFA)*

David Greene(DTS)*

7th rounder in 2007

* I own Rudi,Frye and Hasslebeck


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