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Too Many Starters On My Team Advise Needed!!!! (1 Viewer)


Hi all and thanks for taking a look at my team. We play in an 8-team PPR league that starts 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 2 Flex spots (RB, WR,TE), Def and kicker. A TE isn't needed unless as a flex spot.

Joe Burrows, Dac Prescott
Nick Chubb, Christian McCaffrey, Dameon Pierce, Kenneth Walker, Brian Robinson, Melvin Gordon, JK Dobbins, James Robinson
Davante Adams, AJ Brown, Tee Higgins, Gabe Davis, DK Metcalf, Marquise Brown, Garrett Wilson
Jets Defense and Justin Tucker

I'm struggling this week whether to start Kenneth Walker against the Giants who are rated 8 against the run or AJ Brown against the Steelers who are rated 31st against the pass. Projected points are 12.7 for Walker and 15.6 for Brown per ESPN

Thanks for any thoughts and, if you would like, I can definitely offer some advice if you are in bind as well.


What are the two WR's you are starting? If it were me I would start the following:

Chubb/CMC/Pierce/Walker for RB and flex spots and Adams/Brown for the WR spots.

ETA: I assume none of those players are on bye (I haven't checked)


No players on bye this week. At this point I had Adams and Higgins as the 2 starting WRs but I like the idea of sitting Higgins for Brown


You have to ride the hot hand of Walker. Play 4 RBs, Walker, CMC, Chubb, Dameon. Brown off a bye week and Adams as your WRs, add them with Burrows, Tucker and the Jets. Good luck!

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