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Top 250 IDP? (1 Viewer)


I was going over the number of player in my IDP league and then decided to look up a cheat sheet with that many players on it.

So there are 16 teams in the league. Each sports

5 DL (3 starters, 2 bench)

6 LB(4 starters, 2 Bench)

5 DB (3 starters, 2 bench)

That figures out to be

80 DL drafted

96 LB drafted

80 DB drafted

256 total IDP

So I thought I'll look up the top 300 IDP players.... Turns out the best I could find was top 100 a little under half of the total IDPs that will be drafted...

Does anyone know where to find anything more than a top 100 IDP rankings??? Thanks in advance

we used to do something like this, but haven't for the past year or two.

I'll see if I can put something together.

you should be able to find ADP or projections that covers that many players.

I checked out MockDraftCentral and I don't see any IDP drafts (at least happen in the next 2 days... ) It said something about premium membership to create a draft and I'm not paying to mock.....

My search for an online IDP mock draft continues....

@ Seany D that would be great I'd be glad to have that as another resource


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