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Top 3 Van Halen songs (1 Viewer)


Little Guitars

Feeling (yeah the last song on Unbalanced it ####### rocks so freaking hard)

Honorable Mentions:


Right Now (forget the Pepsi sell out this song is freaking great)


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Runnin’ With The Devil

Right Now


Like both sides of the catalog, but while the DLR side probably would have more tracks in my overall Top 10, the Hagar side wouldn’t lose in a rout and would dominate the next 20 slots afterwards.  And Hagar > DLR in terms of singing voice and guitar playing, but DLR is the better front man.

Probably not Zeppelin-esque in terms of the catalog, but very strong.

Van Halen

1.Jump (this is their defining song despite it not being their best song)

2.Panama (Has to be and probably is the song for this list).

3.Hot for Teacher (the video when I was that age...yeah!)

Van Hager

1.Right now (I associate this one with my fanatic love for sports at the time and how iconic that intro was to some teams like the Bulls, etc, during that period. Unforgettable).




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