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Total Bases Pool (1 Viewer)

Anyone have better picks than the ones below? Total bases (no walks)

Cabrera, Miguel

Cano, Robinson

Braun, Ryan

Beltre, Adrian

Pujols, Albert

i think the top 3 are clear: Cabrera, Braun, Cano (unless you think they're going to get PED suspensions)

in the next group: Prince Fielder, Mike Trout, Billy Butler, Carlos Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, Andrew McCutchen, Adrian Gonzalez, Pujols

then: Adam Jones, Beltre, Alex Gordon, Jose Reyes, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto

Here's the top 25 according to BBHQ:

Miguel Cabrera

Ryan Braun

Giancarlo Stanton

Robinson Cano

Albert Pujols

Matt Kemp

Billy Butler

Prince Fielder

Adam Jones

Adrian Gonzalez

Joey Votto

Jay Bruce

Carlos Gonzalez

Andrew McCutchen

Adrian Beltre

Troy Tulowitzki

Edwin Encarnacion

Ryan Zimmerman

Bryce Harper

Aramis Ramirez

Evan Longoria

Dustin Pedroia

Alex Rios

Jose Reyes


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