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Tough keeper call WHIR 100.56% (1 Viewer)


12 team re-draft, 0.5ppr scoring

qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, flex

i can keep 2. lose draft round listed to keep players. CAN ONLY KEEP player for this year. so I only care about value for this season only.

won't know draft order until after picking keeper


Kamara - 12th round

AB - 1st round

Watson - 11th round

Peyton Barber - 11th round

josh gordon - 11th round

Kamara is an obvious choice... but the 2nd keeper has me torn. AB is who i am leaning towards... based on projected keepers from other teams these players will likely be draft eligible in 1st round:

L Bell,

D Johnson


Saquan Barkley





M Thomas

AJ Green




It's possible i get the #1 or 2 pick and then keeping AB turns out to be a wash at best... if i get #12 pick then i am getting decent value by getting the #4-5 player at pick #12.... i dont really trust gordon... and QB is so deep so watson isnt a perfect keeper ether.


I'd toss Brown back in. You still may end up with him but by keeping him you are potentially missing out on one of the stud RB's. I'd keep Watson in the 11th with Kamara.

I'll say what I've said in other posts.  Brown is a solid choice for the top overall pick in PPR leagues.  For me it just comes down to what you want.  Would you rather have AB or would you rather have one of the running backs?

In all honesty, with the unknown of the draft picks, I'd take the sure thing and keep Brown.  If it comes to your pick and Bell, Johnson, Brown, and Barkley are all gone.  I would play the odds and go with Brown.  Barring disaster you know what you're going to get from him.  If you really would rather have one of the RBs and you like to gamble, I'd keep Watson at 12.  QB is deep, but round 12 is good value for him and it takes a bit of pressure off having to grab a QB before you are ready.

If you know that DJ and Bell are definitely going to be there, I'd drop Brown. You would be able to keep Kamara and Gordon/Watson and possibly repick him up. 

It's a 12 team league and he doesn't know where he's drafting.  If he ends up drafting 12th or Hell, even seventh, all of those players will probably be gone.  That's my rationale for keeping Brown.  Brown is a known commodity.  I stand by my call.


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