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Trade Advice for a WR heavy team (1 Viewer)


(Full PPR, 14 man league) For context, I drafted 4 WRs in the first 4 rounds- Tyreek, Amon Ra, Amari Cooper, & Olave. This of course left me with some great rbs... my rb1 is Javonte Williams, followed by Herbert, Justice, & Henderson. My WRs have been able to win me games, but i definitely have a gaping hole at RB, making me think i need to trade for a starter before the playoffs. Here is a trade that I could accept-

I could give Amari Cooper, Herbert, & Curtis Samuel for Davonta Smith, Raheem Mostert, & Cole Kmet. I'm slightly hesitant with Raheem because Achane should be back post-bye, as well as smith definitely being a downgrade from cooper. Herbert is a big ? coming back from IR, but if he took the majority of touches back, i could definitely lose this trade. On the other hand, I would generally be trading out of bad offenses & into good ones.

Should I accept this or should I look for another trade? I'm thinking i could try to work out a deal for James Conner, Kyren, or Aaron Jones without giving up too much given the injuries have hurt their value. Or should I just ride with javonte & herbert & pray that they can put up some points every week? Any advice is appreciated.

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