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Trade Advice Heavy TD Score no PPR (1 Viewer)


Do you trade

Sanders and M.Evans
CEH and Kupp

Current Roster
Murray Carr
Ekeler Sanders Walker D Singletary D. Hilliard E. Mitchell Pacheo Drake
D Hopkins Evans Olave Kelce (we start 3 as a combo WR/TE)

His roster
Garoppolo Cousins Wilson
CEH J Hill A Gibson Akers D Henderson Deon Jackson
Kupp Samuel Lazard Lockett Samuel

I know I get an upgrade at WR and that could put me over the edge but thins out a starting RB on a good team.


Id make that trade. your team is built for this year, kupp certainly helps that. CEH has enough value moving forward, as they wait to see if Pachecho can handle it.

thoughs on this?

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