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Trade Advice Needed! Please help! (1 Viewer)


Need trade advice:

I have been trying to work a trade for a WR and I received 2 offers at the same time. Should I take both, 1, or zero?

Trade 1: (I give) James Starks and Ryan Matthews for Larry Fitzgerald

Trade 2: (I give) DeAngelo Williams for Steve Smith

1/2 PPR, start 3 wr, 2 rb 1 te, 1flexWR/RB/TE

My Roster: QB: Romo

WR: Damaryius Thomas, Greg Jennings, Rod Streater

RB: Arian Foster, Alf Morris, Ryan Matthews, DeAngelo, Isaiah Pead, Ben Tate, James Starks, Da'rel Scott

TE: Gronkowski, Jordan Cameron


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