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Trade E Engram for which WR? (1 Viewer)

Which WR seems like the best value in return for E Engram straight up?

  • Drake London

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  • Rashee Rice

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Diontae Johnson

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Trying to trade for a week 13 bye week TE fill with Hockenson out on a bye. This is a 2 keeper league and all players mentioned would count as last rounders next year. Team with Engram is 2-9 and out of the playoffs so this is merely an upside WR pickup for keeping next year. The team with Engram will pick 1.1 so arguably should not keep a player at that spot but has Bijan in round 1, Etienne in round 1, Stevenson in round 2 or Godwin in Round 4.
If you don't care between those three WR's and want Engram for any of them, then I would just give the Engram owner his choice of the three. Don't make it hard for him.

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