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Trade Offered: Thurman for R. Williams? (1 Viewer)


There is another owner in a 12 team dynasty league, who has got the hots for Odell Thurman and has made me this offer.

I get Ricky Williams


I give Odell Thurman

Should I do this deal?

We are at the end of the 10th round in our draft and here is my roster so far:

QB: Hasslebeck

RB: Alexander

WR: T. Owens

FL: J. Jones

FL: L. Coles

TE: Heap


IDP: M. Peterson

IDP: O. Thurman


Bench(8): M. Moore, Michael Clayton

Here is our scoring:

Offensive Scoring:25yds pass = 1, 10yds rush/rec = 1, , 1 reception = .5, Interception = -2, Fumble Lost = -2, All Touchdowns = 6, 50yds return = 1, Two-point conversion = 2.

Defensive Scoring:Solo tackle = 1, Sack = 2, INT = 3, Fumble Forced = 3, Fumble Recovered = 3, Blocked Kick = 3, Safety = 4, Pass Defensed = 1, 50yds return = 1.

Kicker Scoring: FG 0-39yds = 3, FG 40-49yds = 4, FG 50+yds = 5, PAT = 1.

So... should I do this deal or not?

Thanks for your help in this decision...

Take Care,


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All depends on what IDP's are still on the board. For dynasty Thurman will be a stud for years to come. Even if Ricky gets a full time job he probably only has a couple good years left.

Thanks for the help!

Here are the LBs that are still available from the list:

9. Ray Lewis

13. Zach Thomas

16. Takeo Spikes

17. Derrick Johnson - R

18. Lance Briggs - 3

19. Cato June - 3

21. Dan Morgan

22. AJ Hawk®

23t. Karlos Dansby - 2

23t. Kirk Morrison - R

25. Jeremiah Trotter

26. Lemar Marshall - 4

27. James Farrior

29. Will Witherspoon 4

30. Kawika Mitchell

31. Derrick Brooks

32. Marcus Washington

33. Morlon Greenwood

34t. Danny Clark

34t. Ian Gold

36. Kailee Wong

37. Channing Crowder

38. LeRoy Hill

39. Lavar Arrington

Absolutely you should take this deal. No doubt. My God, someone please send me an offer like this.

Much easier to reload at LB than at RB. 2 decent seasons from Ricky would make it worth it. Anything after that is gravy.

Thank you all very much for your help and reassurance. After reading your posts, I decided to accept the deal.... my team is starting to shape up nicely....but I hope I don't regret losing Thurman?

Nah, you won't regret it - take an old scoring machine like Thomas or Lewis. You can always fill in with a returning DB later.


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