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Trade thoughts on Kamara vs Sanders & Fournette (1 Viewer)


Keeper league where we keep 2 annually (D Cook and Fournette for me). .5 ppr, 1 per 10 yards and 6 pt tds unless the td is over 40 yards which adds 2 pt bonus. We start 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE and 3 Flex from RB/WR/TE. Rounds drafted notated next to each player and these go down one round each year.

My Roster:

RB - Cook (11), Stevenson (7), Sanders (9), Fournette (14)
WR - T Hill (2), D Adams (1), Hopkins (8), St Brown (5), Pickens (10), M Thomas (6)
TE - Pitts (3) , Knox (15), T Hill (15)

I have a ton of depth but to some extent its madness trying to pick my third flex. The worst team in the league has Kamara (10) and Freiermuth (11) on a bye which I thought about going after but assume I would need to send probably Knox, Sanders and Fournette. RBs would move to Cook, Stevenson and Kamara. Freiermuth upside goes up with the claypool departure. Thoughts?

Kamara and Freiermuth for M Sanders, Fournette and Knox - Yay or Nay
I do that trade to get Kamara and Muth. I actually like it better for the Muth side of things as I am not sure Kamara is all that better than Sanders/Lenny week to week.
I would do that trade too.


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