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Trade TY Hilton? (Dynasty) (1 Viewer)


In my main money league (Dynasty, PPR) I'm now 3-4, so my playoff hopes are quickly disappearing. 

In the past, I've waited too long to try and trade older players and am now stuck with Dez Bryant as an FA and Jordy Nelson producing a fraction of what he used to. As Hilton is now 29, I'm considering my options for him while he's still a WR1 (or thereabouts).

What are your thoughts or whether to trade him or not and if so, what type of trade should I be looking for? I'm sure a contender would offer a 1st for him, but is 1.11 or 1.12 worth it?

For context, I've been quite unlucky this season. Finishing 3rd last year I felt I'd be a true contender myself, but have a lost a few close games and have had a few injuries (Dalvin Cook, Jay Ajayi etc.) Gurley & Zeke form the core of my team and have a couple of young WRs for the future in Calvin Ridley & Mike Williams. No solid starters behind TY though, just bye-week fillers in Jordy, Marvin Jones, Pierre Garcon etc. 

Thanks in advance and leave a link for any question you have. 

So you have Gurley, Zeke, Cook, and Ajayi at RB?  How many can you start a week?   

Obviously you have said WR is your weakness.  Is there a way you can move Hilton and some RB for a younger upside WR that you can build around.  That probably isn't something you will be able to do with a late 1st necessarily.  I would look to build my WR with guys that are upcoming like a Golladay type. 

I can start up to 4 RBs, with 2 RB slots and 2 Flex.

Of course, the frequency that I've actually been able to do that is extremely low, what with the various injuries and suspensions that they have all endured since they all entered the league. The same goes for my lesser RBs; Donta Foreman, Elijah McGuire. I literally had to pick up a player from the WW this week to fill the RB 2 spot (Marcus Murphy).

Good point about trying to target younger, but somewhat established, WRs rather than the gamble of a completely unproven rookie next season. There are plenty of WRs that have been drafted in the 1st round that haven't had the impact that was expected e.g. Corey Coleman, Treadwell, Doctson, Corey Davis, Zay Jones, John Ross spring to mind. 

I have stockpiled 3 picks for next year as my research tells me that it's a WR heavy class with some potential game changing WRs so you are not at all at a loss if you do that.

I do agree that if you can get some current NFL WRs that are showing promise that a trade for one of them would be better but don't knock the draft pick route. I would trade Hilton for a 1st but I might want a little more.

Please see mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/771743-mid-1st-in-2020-for-cooper-dynasty/


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