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Trade Zeke? (1 Viewer)


12 TM PPR 2 Flex and 1 Superflex lg -

I give up Zeke Elliot and I receive Jordan Howard and JuJu.

Would you do it?

My Team - 

Russell Wilson, Sea QB    

Cam Newton, Car QB    

Jameis Winston, TB QB

Ezekiel Elliott, Dal RB

Jamaal Williams, GB RB    

Rex Burkhead, NE RB 

Sony Michel, NE RB

Chris Thompson, Wsh RB

A.J. Green, Cin WR

Tyreek Hill, KC WR

Kenny Golladay, Det WR    

John Brown, Bal WR

Paul Richardson, Wsh WR

DJ Moore, Car WR

Delanie Walker, Ten TE 

Tyler Eifert, Cin TE

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