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Trading for a defense for playoffs? WHIR (1 Viewer)


I'm looking to trade for a defense for the playoffs. I have the Bears but their schedule is bad. Looking to trade for Washington because they get NYG, JAX, and TEN during weeks 14-16. The owner wants Dalvin Cook for Washington. I will be making the playoffs, I'm 10-0 so I'm not worried about short term. Solely looking at playoffs. Here is my team:

QB: Patrick Mahomes

RB: Kamara, Chubb, Aaron Jones, Sony Michel, Dalvin Cook, Phillip Lindsay

WR: Thielen, Keenan Allen, Kenny Golladay, Doug Baldwin, and Corey Davis

TE: Kittle, Jordan Reed

DEF: Bears, Lions

Should I make the trade? Drop a link and I'll answer yours too! Thanks guys!

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I keep the Bears and Lions and I don't even consider trading a RB who is about to work his way back in from injury for a DEF.

Bears only ? on their schedule is LAR in week 14, but Lions have Cardinals and Bills in week 14 and 15.  Sit tight and go win your league.

No, that is totally outrageous. Even though you have good RB depth you don't give up a good RB for an average defense. Just roll with the bears no matter who they are playing.

You're over-analyzing.  Bears are a solid, point-producing defense. If you really give up on them in the playoffs, just stream. I've been doing it all season with great results.


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