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Trading Trent Richardson? (1 Viewer)


I at the point that am looking to unload Trent Richardson to see what I can get for him. I'm in a keeper league, and he'll cost me a 2nd rounder to keep him next year. At his current level of play, I'm not sure I'm interested, but I think others still might be. I still have Jamaal Charles (who will cost me a 1st) and CJ Spiller (who will cost me a 10th).

I have the opportunity to trade him for either Julio Jones (who I could keep next year for a 9th next year), which would obviously be just a long-term, team building move. I could also potentially trade him for Justin Blackmon (who would also be a 9th), which would help both this year some and next year once the Jags draft a real QB.

I am worried that I'm underselling TR, but also am aware that I could be more attached to him than is objectively warrented.

The Colts backfield is a mess. Wilson just signed, I don't know how much longer Brown will be around.

My guess the Richardson / Wilson combo will go on for at least another year barring injury. Justin Blackmon is a huge question mark, with the Jags this year, ummm no. But if they snag a good QB next yr he could produce. I love Julio... that would not be a bad trade IMO... a healthy Julio is top 5 WR in the league on a pass happy team.


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