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"Trainer" Leagues (1 Viewer)


@Joe Bryant

I was in an interesting twitter discussion this morning with the topic of how can we get more people interested in IDP leagues. One of the suggestions was having "trainer" leagues to introduce people to IDP leagues and have "experts" there as tutors for the newbies to help them through the season and impart some wisdom on how they work and how varying strategies/setups etc to IDP.

I was wondering if something like this would be of interest to FBG where it could be marketed through the site and have leagues run through the site where FBG could even put up a small prize package to winners of the various leagues.

People from this board can supplement the "experts" from the FBG site (as I would consider many posters here to be experts for IDP) to cover the tutoring aspect of these leagues. I know I would be interesting in doing something like this.

Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions on how to pull this off. JB you have any thoughts on whether FBG would think this is even feasible? Lets start a discussion and see what people think? I will post this in the SP also to get more eyes on it and to see if some non-IDP people would be interested in something like this.

I like it! This year I had an absolute rookie IDP owner in my dynasty league that I commish. I spent a lot of time talking them through FAs and how to maximise their roster. I want my league to grow and prosper, but in the side benefit it really helped me learn to drill down myself into so many different metrics of IDP players.

I think a trainer league would really grow the game and all of us in here know how much more fun (and challenging) an IDP league is....why else are we debating the merits of DL snap counts in Feb....lol!

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