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Training Camp Questions (1 Viewer)


Some of the training camp stories I'll be following on IDPs. I'm sure there are more, but these are the issues that affect my dynasty teams the most...1. John Abraham NYJ DE - Will he hold out?2. Marques Douglas SF DE - Just haven't heard a single thing since he was signed. Will he do about the same as last season in Baltimore?3. Howard/Smith NO DE - Howard's still around - do these two kill each other's seasons?4. Spires/White TB DE - Who's going to line up opposite Rice? Will Spires shift to DT?

Here are a few I will watch:1. Kerry Rhodes/Maddox S NYJ - rookies, will either win the starting job over McGraw?2. Keith Adams LB PHI - will he keep the WLB starting job over Simoneau?3. Monty Beisel LB NEP - Will Bruschi remain the inside linebacker in NE, what role will Beisel play if any?4. Justin Smith/Robert Geathers DE CIN - Will moving of Smith to LDE improve or ruin his fantasy value - Will Geathers continue to start at RDE and what will that do for his value. :popcorn:

Some that I'll be interested in:Does Cato June hold off Gilbert Gardner for the WLB job in Indy?Packers secondary. There has got to be someone there worth starting from a FF perspective. Roman? Collins? Someone has to make the tackles.Adams vs. Simoneau (as mentioned above).Patriots LBs. They have a bunch of LBs on thier roster. Does Bruschi come back and play? There will be a couple of guys worth having but figuring out which guys is a mystery.Denver DL. They have a ton of guys, albiet most are former Browns. Anyone goingt to produce this year? Any value here? DLBC? :X

MLB in Washington is something I'm keeping an eye on.Also who's playing inside in Houston - because someone is going to have to get Jamie Sharper's numbers, and I'm not sure it's going to be Morlon Greenwood or Kailee Wong.


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