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Two teams available for 2009 in Dynasty League (1 Viewer)


Check it out at MFL "The Drafthouse League". Check out rules on MFL or Forum under "Links". Let me knowt of your interest at rsmit169@columbus.rr.com

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Interesting league.

Can you explain a little more about the FA process and contrct system


I am very interested in the CAR team

Players are assigned salaries each year based on Footballguys projections for each player. Players can be given contracts for up to three years. Thus if you have say Campbell QB who was not drafted in the 1st round of the rookie draft in 2006 was given the minumum salary of $5 his first year. His owner assigned him a 3 year contract which remained at $5 for all three years no matter what his projections were the next two years. In 2009 he will have no contract years remaining. Thus the owner can now assign him to another contract from 1-3 years and his salary will be based on his 2009 projection.

FA's pickups are done each week of the season and based on a team's record.

Hope this helps.


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