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Underclassmen Who Have Declared (1 Viewer)


2006 NFL Draft underclassmenSPORTSTICKERThe following is a list of the underclassmen who announced they will enter the 2006 NFL draft, which will be held April Darnell Bing, s, Southern California (junior) Cornell Brockington, rb, Connecticut (junior) Reggie Bush, rb, Southern California (junior) Brian Calhoun, rb, Wisconsin (junior) Antonio Cromartie, cb, Florida St (junior) Vernon Davis, te, Maryland (junior) Maurice Drew, rb/kr, UCLA (junior) Ray Edwards, de, Purdue (junior) Anthony Fasano, te, Notre Dame (junior) Charles Gordon, wr/cb, Kansas (junior) Willie Hall, ot, Middle Tennessee (junior) Devin Hester, kr, Miami Fl (junior) Santonio Holmes, wr, Ohio St (junior) Chad Jackson, wr, Florida (junior) Omar Jacobs, qb, Bowling Green (junior) Cornell Johnson, rb, Indiana State (junior) Marquis Johnson, wr, Texas Tech (junior) Johnathan Joseph, cb, South Carolina (sophomore) Winston Justice, ot, Southern California (junior) Brandon Kirsch qb, Purdue (junior) Greg Lee, wr, Pittsburgh , (junior) Laurence Maroney, rb, Minnesota (junior) Richard Marshall, cb, Fresno St (junior) Derrick Martin, cb, Wyoming (junior) Fred Matua, g, Southern California (junior) John McCargo, dt, North Carolina St (sophomore) Stanley McClover, de, Auburn (junior) Tony McDaniel, dt, Tennessee (junior) Derek Morris, ot, North Carolina St (sophomore) Haloti Ngata, dt, Oregon (junior) Kai Parham, lb, Virginia (junior) Bobby Payne, de, Middle Tennessee (junior) Bernard Pollard, s, Purdue (junior) Leonard Pope, te, Georgia (junior) Drouzon Quillen, wr, Louisiana-Monroe (junior) Cory Rodgers, wr, Texas Christian (junior) Ko Simpson, s, South Carolina (sophomore) Ernie Sims, lb, Florida St (junior) D.J. Smith, wr, Idaho (junior) Rob Smith, g, Tennessee (junior) Stephen Tulloch, lb, North Carolina St (junior) Marcus Vick, qb, Virginia Tech (junior) Dee Webb, cb, Florida (junior) LenDale White, rb, Southern California (junior) Donte Whitner, s, Ohio St (junior) Mario Williams, de, North Carolina St (junior) Ashton Youboty, cb, Ohio St (junior) Vince Young, qb, Texas (junior) of players that left early in 2006: 48 of players that left early in 2005: 48 of players that left early in 2004: 27 of players that left early in 2003: 46 of players that left early in 2002: 36 of players that left early in 2001: 39 of players that left early in 2000: 26 Copyright © 2006 SportsTicker


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