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Unusual 8 team "superflex" league question (1 Viewer)


Hey all,

My friends and I are starting a small 8 team, 1/2pt ppr league. To mimic the FA availability similar to a 12 man league we have increased roster spots to the following:

The starting roster includes an extra QB spot, extra WR, RB and flex. I have the 5th pick of the draft. In a typical superflex league I would automatically go QB BUT these settings are different where we have increased roster spots across the board and not just to the QB position.

Any advice on what to target early? I spoke with some of the guys picking in front of me and I will have my pick of any QB. I am thinking QB/QB with pick 1 and 2 but wanted to know your thoughts as this is a new league and I haven't played fantasy football in about 6 years (been playing draft kings). For what its worth, my brother (with pick 1) said, "he would be shocked if Hurts or Allen didn't make it back to me for my second pick.

Play in a similar league... QBs are irrelevant unless you have Mahomes/Allen/Hurts. RBs are always in short supply. In our league, rush/receiving TDs are +6, passing TDs are +4, just FYI.

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