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Vampire Domain $15-$35 ½PPR Sleeper (1 Viewer)


The Vampire Football Domain consists of 3 leagues which are tiered as far as dues and prizes; they are the Castle ($35), the Village ($25), and the Woods ($15). Each season the champ from each of the lower two tiers will move up, and the last-place managers from each of the higher two tiers will move down. A portion of the prize money goes toward a progressive pot for each league, if a vampire wins their league, they also win the progressive, if none of the 3 vampires wins their leagues, the one with the best record gets a portion of their league's progressive.

For more info join the "lobby" league which has a pinned message with the info, including a link to join the current open league. https://sleeper.app/i/Le2gqZ7nLjEX

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