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most likely.

but he might not have as many opps these next 2 weeks as he did the first 2 weeks.

bucsbaby said:
He looked great yesterday. He was all over the field making plays.
Well, he was all over the field making tackles, which is really what we want in an IDP, but the 'Skins were having their way running the ball with Portis and Betts, so he had plenty of business coming his way. His best attribute is that he's a MLB in a bad run defense; a problem for him will be against passing teams that try to take advantage of the Saints' depleted secondary via the passing game rather than the run game, but I still think he's going to be IDP gold regardless.

He also intercepted a pass on a failed 2 pt conversion. He of course didn't get credit for the INT, but he made the play nonetheless. He also had a few near-sacks. So, I would say he did more than just make tackles (although tackles are all he got credit for in the stat dept).

I think he will perform worse against teams that will throw the ball a lot. Fortunately, he doesn't face many of those teams this year...

wonder how he'll do this week against the Broncos. They're as pass happy as any team right now
That defense is so banged up that a team like Denver is licking its chops in both the running and the passing game. I have a feeling they'll be pretty balanced all in all as I expect both aspects to be strong.

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