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Waiver Question - Elijah Mitchell (1 Viewer)


I'm in a 12 team standard league. We are limited to 5 roster spots max at RB. I have Najee Harris, Ronald Jones, Ty'Son Williams, James Conner and Trey Sermon. I was possibly going to drop Jones for Mitchell but Jones was just named the starter for this week. It's between him, Conner and Sermon. Am I better off dropping Conner to get Mitchell and lock up the SF backfield assuming McHasty is not the guy or just stand pat and see if Sermon becomes the guy and hold my shares in the other backfields? Thanks in advance for any comments.


Drake Hater

I think it's between Connor and Jones in terms of who you drop to add Mitchell. Jones may have been named the starter, but his stock is down this week after a poor game last week. 



Agree with Drake Hater on this one. Mitchell a much better prize than Jones imop. I put Connor slightly ahead of Ronald so my play is drop Jones for Mitchell....now...or yesterday if possible



I would drop Conner for Mitchell.  I think Jones has a higher ceiling (if things break right).  



Ignore that Jones has been named "the starter", they're still going to give everyone else their respective looks in a team we expect to run not much except when killing the clock


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