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Was offered D. Cook for Kupp (1 Viewer)


Half point ppr.  I'd still have Beckham, Julio, M. Williams and Boyd....so other than byes and an unfortunate injury I'm never going to play him.  Only start two receivers and no flex.  Backs are Gurley(my keeper), L. Miller, D. Lewis, Thompson and Ekeler.  

Think Cook can get it together?  

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This move does seem to give you more balance, but I'd say Cook's value right now is not terribly far away from Lamar Miller's.  The next month will show if:

A)  The Rams offense is virtually unstoppable and last night's game script just got away from the Vikings against a juggernaut.

B)  The Vikings offensive line issues are as bad as they've appeared and their offense will continue to struggle.

I'm vary concerned about Cook right now.  I'd far prefer Joe Mixon right now, FYI.


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