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Don't just sweep this under the carpet as an irrelevant deal. Scott was tough at SS in Atlanta 2 years ago (86 solo tackles). He was moved to FS then landed in the dog house and was eventually benched last year but its hard to believe he suddenly couldn't play. He could give Josh Bullocks a run for his money. The other thing this addition does is allow Omar Stoutmire and probably Jay Bellamy to both be cut. At the worst Scott is a solid experienced backup at both positions.

From what I read on Scott it sounded like the coaches (and fans) grew sick and tired of him being out of position and routinely missing tackles. Now, that could be that he was a fish out of water playing deep (free safety) and he's a better, more natural fit playing up near the front seven and filling more of a traditional run-supporting role at SS.

The Saints have traditionally been a good source for fantasy points at the safety position, so we'll have to see what happens in training camp.

I wouldn't write off Scott either, not yet anyway.

I'll be interested to see what Saints DC Gary Gibbs has to say about his plans for Scott.

The guy was sucktastic after moving to the more attractive FS slot (in the Falcons scheme anyway) last year. Showed no desire to hit whatsoever. I'd be more likely to blame it on the offseason shoulder surgery that he'd had, but he was begging to come back before the team cleared him and every report suggested his rehab was way ahead of schedule.

Saints signed Dwight Smith to a five year contract to play FS last year, albeit not a large one, and I don't remember hearing that they were disappointed. I heard only good things about Bullocks as well. My guess is that Scott will provide some nice depth given that Bellamy and Stoutmire are worse than replacement level. But if he's willing to hit like he did in 2004, he could surprise now that he's out of the doghouse in the ATL.

What do you think his chances (scott) are that he will start SS and move Bullocks to FS? :eek:
There were conflicting scouting reports on Bullocks last season. Some felt he had decent coverage skills, others felt he lacked recovery speed. Some called him a willing hitter, some said he was average in run support. That said, Bullocks impressed as the SS. I can't see the coaching staff trading for Scott to replace him. The Saints weren't exactly active in the free agent market to get safety help. I think Scott fell into the Saints' lap when ATL came looking for a OL and will be a valuable backup/special teams guy (like Stoutmire - who is a Dallas guy new DC Gibbs brought with him).

Trying to get info on the Saints (especially defensive coverage) is worse than pulling teeth at times. The T-P coverage is vanilla, the NFL.com website is AP wire stuff, and there really aren't any message board insiders worth trusting. Rumblings about Scott (or Smith) playing corner - ugh.

Let's wait for minicamps for this one to play out. Only thing we know for certain is that Bellamy is done.

FWIW - Scott did play CB at Penn State. I think he was moved to S by ATL because he couldn't handle the quickness in NFL WRs.

FWIW - Scott did play CB at Penn State. I think he was moved to S by ATL because he couldn't handle the quickness in NFL WRs.
This is correct. I could've been more clear when I noted Scott was a bad option at CB for the Saints. He played corner at Penn State through his junior season, but started every game at SS his senior season. As you noted, he doesn't have the coverage skills to succeed as an NFL corner. The Falcons drafted him as a safety.

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Saints | Team signs K. Davis to an offer sheetMon, 10 Apr 2006 14:51:57 -0700Jean-Jacques Taylor, of the Dallas Morning News, reports the New Orleans Saints have signed restricted free agent S Keith Davis (Cowboys) to an offer sheet. The offer sheet is a two-year contract that includes a $1.2 million signing bonus. The deal would allow Davis to earn $2.1 million in 2006. Davis is expected to submit the deal to the league office Tuesday, April 11, which means the Cowboys would then have seven days to match the contract.
I guess new Saints DC Gary Gibbs didn't like what he saw from any of the Saint safeties last year.Acquired Stoutmire, then Scott, now Davis. Dwight Smith and Jay Bellamy were certainly nothing special and Stoutmire and Davis are players Gibbs is familiar with from Dallas, but sheesh.This is easily starting money. Davis played FS in Dallas so you have to wonder what the staff plans with Dwight Smith. He's played corner in the past but nobody wanted him there last year and he landed in NO as a safety. Still waiting to hear what the Saints braintrust had to say about Scott...

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