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WDIS - Brady or L-Jax at QB? Njoku or V-Mac at TE? (1 Viewer)


Must win these last 2 weeks, need to maximize points to make the playoffs. Don't want to leave any points on the bench due to tight race I am in.

My set line up is Fournette & Chubb at RB, OBJ and DJ Moore at WR with Cooks on Bye, Justin Tucket at PK, LAC as my DST, Flex right now is Tevin Coleman. Really facing decision on QB and TE:

Brady @  the NYJ, or
Lamar Jackson (at home) vs Oak

David Njoku @ Cincy
Vance McDonald @ Denver

BONUS: looking at my flex, I have Tevin Coleman @ NO. However, would Danny Amendola be better choice, at Indy? To get Amendola on my roster, I'd have to cut Mike Williams from LA. Scoring is non-PPR.

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Brady easily for me.  Jackson is a one trick pony at this point and one hit on his 27 rushes and he isn't playing anymore.  I wouldn't trust him at all so Brady has the much higher floor and equal ceiling. 

Check the reports as Njoku was limited in practice.  He may be injured.  If he is a go I would choose him over McDonald. 

Coleman and it's not close.


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