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Week 1 Rule (1 Viewer)


Quick question....if I have a week one Thursday player in my lineup does he lock in or can I remove him post game? Or do you need to keep the Thursday player out and then you can decide after the game to move him in?

Week One Lineup Rules:All teams, whether drafting before or after NFL Week One opening game on Thursday, will be able to submit and edit their starting lineup after Thursday’s game, including start/bench players which played in Thursday’s game. To confirm, all FPC teams will have the same choice on whether to start or sit Thursday players retroactively after they have watched that game. Fantasy stats for Thursday’s players will count towards Week One scores if they are placed in the starting lineup.

This is at least the 2nd year it has been that way. So if you have a player on Dallas or Tampa you can bench them after they have a bad week or start them if they have a great week. 

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I wish we could test-drive all our players like that. What a dumb rule.

I believe they do because drafts still happen 2 days after the season starts. So those teams and leagues can retroactively start players that play on Thursday. So they let everyone. 


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