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Week 10 Bragging Thread (1 Viewer)

Ah, Cutler,Royal,T.Jones with Jet D and Kicker. I'm up by a mile still with Fitz & Boldin waiting for Monday nite. Plus I clinched my Conference as well today. Yes, It's been a fine weekend. :no:

T. Jones, MJD, Matt Ryan, Winslow ... I'm sitting at 154 and I still have Boldin tonight. To make things even sweeter, the two guys I was tied for first place with played each other and both put up small numbers, so I've rocketed into the points lead (tiebreaker).

Started Eddie Royal over Donnie Avery, despite most projections showing I should have done the opposite. Royal goes for 6-164-1, while Avery puts up 2-29-0 (and 1-13-0 rushing). 0.5 PPR means 25 points for Royal vs. 4 for Avery. That's the difference between a W and an L.

4 money leagues all $100+ - 10-0, 8-2, 8-2 and 7-3 records, seriously this year could not be going any better.

I went into week 9 MNF down 7. He had Randel El, I had Portis. Portis scores 12, Randel El scores 4, I win.

I went into this week's MNF down by 33, I had Warner, he had Boldin. Warner put up 56, Boldin put up 23, for a Tie!


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