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Week 10 DST - Ravens or Colts - WHIR (1 Viewer)


With 6 teams on Bye (Patriots, Broncos, Eagles, Jaguars, Texans, Redskins) DST will be a priority for some people next week.  4 of those 6 are currently owned.  My choices are:

Ravens at Bengals - new QB for Cincy and AJ Green probably back

Colts home vs. Dolphins - Dolphins are looking less incompetent recently

Giants "at" Jets - will Jets be imploding or can they get back to a more even keel

Jets "home vs" Giants - Sterling Shepard back so Giants Offense should be full strength

Rams at Steelers (they just appeared on the WW)

Also if I do jump on a DST who do I drop?  Would be either Miles Sanders (Bye in week 10) or Ty Johnson (at Bears in week 10) - whomever I drop I would attempt to pick up next week).  Also, whomever I don't drop will be starting for me this week - have Kamara and Latavius Murray on Bye)

Leave a link and thanks

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